Facebook Mentions, the app that allows popular personalities to broadcast videos and events live, is now available on Android. After being launched on iOS in June, 2014 the app has expanded into the most popular OS for smartphones in the market.

Facebook Mentions provides a platform for fans to interact with their idols, while focusing on celebs to share stories about their everyday happenings. The app also lets celebs share their Twitter or Instagram posts on the platform.

After launching in 2014, Facebook decided to allow any public figure with verified profile to make use of the service to connect with fans. When it was launched, the app restricted who gets to sign up on the platform, and allowed only a few celebs to use the service. Graduating slowly, the app allowed celebs to broadcast videos live on the platform.

The app is one of the products of the social networking giants Creative Labs unit. The first app to come out the Labs was Facebook Paper, launched on February 2014. The app was launched as a standalone mobile app only for the iOS platform. As the name suggests, Facebook Paper replicated the design of newspapers and magazines for the digital platform.

The app, however launched for the iOS platform, is surprisingly not available for the iPad. Later on more apps followed suit from the Creative Labs unit including Slingshot, Mentions, Rooms, Facebook Groups, Riff, Hello and Moments.

Facebook had announced last month that the Creative Labs unit has been closed down indefinitely. This resulted in Facebook listing out three apps from PlayStore and App Store respectively. The company stated that most of the features in Slingshot, Rooms, and Riff were available in other Facebook apps and hence keeping them active was of no use. The apps however are active for those users who have downloaded them on their smartphones. Facebook also clarified that the shutting down of Creative Labs has not resulted in any layoffs.

Facebook Mentions, compared to the Facebook app – which weighs 38MB – is slightly bulky on the storage space. The size of app is 98MB for iOS platform and 87MB for the Android platform — so yeah — if you are surprisingly not the ones crying for lesser phone memories, give it a go!


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