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And more auto stuff from CES 2016. Looking to tap the budding two billion dollar industry, Broadcom has launched a new automotive navigation chip that will boost location tracking and positioning for drivers around the globe.

The California based semiconductor manufacturer for the wireless and broadband communication industry introduced its latest creation at the on-going Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Speaking at the launch, representatives from the company stated that their product, a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) wireless connectivity chip will make the global navigation systems more accurate and improve energy efficient. Broadcom has accomplished this power saving features by incorporating sensor hubs and CPU on a single chip.

“Broadcom’s new GNSS connectivity chip for automotive keeps car makers and tier one suppliers ahead of the curve with advanced precision and reduced power consumption while lowering BOM cost,” stated Richard Barrett, Broadcom Director of Automotive Wireless Connectivity.

The chip named as BCM89774 can not only help cut down on consumption of power and the costs that come with it, but also considerably reduce the costs related to developing in-vehicle navigation systems.

The company added that the chip has been designed by keeping in mind the automakers who design products for the future. The chip incorporates all the features required in a future car, like theft tracking system, location detection, and support for Galileo navigation satellites and global Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) systems.

BCM89774 has built-in sensors for accelerometer, gyroscopes, and magnetometers. The tracking capabilities can determine the position of a vehicle even while navigating through highly dense urban landscapes.

“By delivering premium products that exceed automotive grade requirements, we are positioned for growth in this accelerating market.”

The BCM89774 is a tri-band navigation chip that can revive data from five different global positioning satellite networks at the same time.

During the same event, Broadcom launched a new low-power combination chip designed for the mobile devices and its accessories. The chip, named as BCM43012 supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and can extend the battery life of a device by up to three times. The company is launching the chip as a processor into the market.

The California based chip maker is competing with the likes of Qualcomm for a stake in the navigation chip market. The market, according to a research by ABI, is expected to touch the two billion dollar mark by the end of this year.


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