Arya.AI, an Artificial intelligence startup providing deep learning algorithms for developers to deploy on Intelligent AI systems, has grabbed a pre-series A round worth $750K from YourNest and VentureNursery.

The AI startup, which perhaps is a first-of-its-kind in the country, will be using this freshly infused capital to accelerate product development and to “grow the AI eco-system” as a whole. This is the third time VentureNursery members have participated in the funding process.

While most companies and developers want to use AI in their applications, building an intelligent AI system involves solving many complex steps right from creating ‘Intelligence’ to managing the complex ‘Dev Ops’. This time-consuming and resource intensive effort in building strong intelligence systems poses a big challenge.

Founded by two IIT-B researchers Vinay Kumar Sankarapu and Deekshith Marla, solves this particular, peculiar problem for developers. as a platform provides advanced AI tools offered as modules in ‘Language’, ‘Vision’, ‘Speech’ and ‘Reasoning’ for developers. They can start building AI computing systems by assembling the modules and giving the relevant knowledge base for the machine to learn.

CEO and co-founder Kumar tells me,

Using AI, developers can build applications that can solve most complex problems. However, the biggest pain point in building reliable AI applications is solving multiple challenges they encounter in the process. uses complex Deep Learning Algorithms to develop General AI systems that can adapt and learn to multiple use cases with minimal inputs from humans. These systems become better and better with experiences and learning., as a platform addresses this key problem for developers and organisations by bringing the most complex technologies from the labs, simplifying it and enabling developers to work on amazing possibilities of AI,

adds Kumar.

Samir Shah, Investor and Board Nominee from VentureNursery who has seen Vinay and team build an effective Deep Learning platform for the last two years says,

We expect Arya to impact millions of end users as an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) companion, and improve their ability to make better decisions, especially in complex areas of science and medicine. We are delighted to back a team that promises to be a global player in AI.

These modules developed by Arya.AI’s platform, can be used in building intelligent AI systems for a vast number of use cases in multiple verticals — right from creating an AI assistant for radiologists to creating a ‘bot’ to automate the customer experience handling. has been working with developers across verticals like Travel, Research, e-Commerce, Customer Care, Medicine and Banking and will soon address other verticals like Automobile, Military and Defence.

In the next five years, we expect to see more intelligent machines that understand us and relieve us of routine tasks. These AI systems can revolutionise the way we work as professionals and individuals”,

says Kumar.

By joining hands with developers, aspires to build world class AI systems that can amplify the human abilities and efficiencies.

Recently, Arya.AI became the first Indian start-up to be selected worldwide by French innovation agency Paris&Co as one of 21 companies that do standout innovations. This comes just six months after was named among the top four next generation technology start-ups by ‘Silicon Valley Forum’ held at Microsoft’s US campus.

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