Another quick update from Microsoft — there’s a fresh Windows 10 mobile build out now, available simultaneously to both fast ring and slow ring developers. And while the nerdy ones get overjoyed in this, we usual ones have a rather saddening piece of news — Windows 10 free upgrade will only come next year — a clear break of MS’s earlier promise.

As for the new build, similar to the rather insignificant update for Windows 10 PC, this build too has nothing substantiative to offer. It simply takes care of “user feedbacks” and brings about changes related to the same.

This is what Mr. Aul had to say with regards to improvements in this build ,

This Cumulative Update continues to use the minor version for differentiating between each version – so this build will appear as 10586.36.

So yeah, nothing to offer.

Moving ahead, Microsoft announced that the market should expect fewer builds from the firm until the new year.  Having said that, MS has promised to roll out faster build updated post holiday season, and also make available — free Windows 10 upgrade to us Windows Phone users.

Also, going forward, Microsoft won’t be publishing blog posts to announce new Cumulative Updates for Windows Insiders to test. Instead, you’ll have to get into the Insider Hub to check for new announcements. Don’t you worry though — we’ve got your back and will post regular updates, as and when they come.

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