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Apple users on older devices (iPhone 5S and below) have started reporting on Friday that they are receiving full-screen advertisements of the iPhone 6S when they enter the App Store. The ad shows the profile of the company’s latest smartphone along with the slogan “Ridiculously Powerful” above it.

The ad also contains two highlighted options “Upgrade Now” and “Learn More” below the graphic of the iPhone 6S. Users have also reported that there is a skip button on the upper right corner of the advertisement.


The ad is believed to have been enabled after Tuesday’s release of iOS 9.2.

It was first spotted by the blog Cult of Mac. Cutting to the chase, users have not taken this ad very well. Around the world, Apple users have shown their anger by taking refuge under social media. Many discussions have been started on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook etc regarding the unnecessary mode Apple took to market its product.

While Apple previously marketed its newer devices via App Store banners, collections and stuff like that, this is the very first time users have been prevented from opening an app just because Apple wanted to push you onto a better device.

The ad could, in many ways, be Apple’s attempt to increase iPhone sales during the winter holidays. And since the 6S is its current show-stopper, the company might be attempting to do it through its best. Unluckily though, the effort was met with criticism, rather than acclaim.

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