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Wingify Launches PushCrew To Enable Any Website Send Push Notifications

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Wingify, the parent company of Visual Website Optimizer, which is one of the most popular A/B testing tool, has today announced the launch of its new service called PushCrew which enables any mobile or desktop website to send push notifications.

By enabling websites owners to send push notifications to their visitors, the company believes that it is helping them build timely and contextual connect with its users and customers.

Notifications sent through PushCrew work across all devices — desktops, tablets and even mobile phones. Unlike other similar products that enable notifications only for apps or only for HTTPS/SSL enabled websites, ​PushCrew’s USP is use on any website, be it mobile or desktop​.PushCrew can be used to send notifications to Safari and Chrome for now and will soon add support for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Another interesting feature is PushCrew’s ability to deliver notifications on mobile. It solves one of the ​ biggest dilemmas that modern day marketing managers face​–whether to build a native app to drive engagement or build a mobile website to ensure reach. With PushCrew, a business can now use their mobile website the same way as they would use their app – for sending personalized, real-time notifications to their users which appear directly in their notifications tray.

Some of the ​early adopters of PushCrew have seen opt-in rates as high as 40% and unprecedented click rates of over 20%​.

Notifications sent through PushCrew works across all devices — desktops, tablets and mobile phones. It claims that unlike other similar products that enable notifications only for apps or only for HTTPS/SSL enabled websites, ​PushCrew can be used on any website, be it mobile or desktop​.

As of now, the platform can be used to send notifications to Safari and Chrome users only. However, the company is working on to get this product on other popular web browsers as well and promises to soon add support for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Commenting about this new product, Paras Chopra, Founder & CEO, Wingify, said,

Email marketing is facing decreasing open rates and click rates because users’ inboxes are flooding with. Anyone with an email address can send an email to it and this leads to spam. However, push notifications is strictly opt-in, which means that the control stays with the users and hence click rates are higher. 

Push notifications are also useful for information that is disposable in nature. For example, some use cases where PushCrew could really work well: a discount coupon that expires in a couple of hours or an offer from an eCommerce store, breaking news or financial / stock updates, or sports / event progress, an alert or message from a SaaS service. For all such purposes, PushCrew works well because ​it is permission-based, low friction real time communication channel between businesses and users.

The company says that PushCrew was soft-launched in August of this year and has already attracted hundreds of businesses who are sending more than 1,00,000 notifications per day using its platform.

Earlier this week, the company had acquired US-based visitor analytics solution provider Navilytics for an undisclosed amount. The company is trying to move on from just A/B tool to become the complete Conversion Rate Optimization platform.

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