High quality videos have always been the highlight of Vimeo. The website, as well as its cross-platform apps, have always provided users with the best quality media at amazing speeds. The video streaming service is today taking its user experience to the next level. Vimeo has today started rolling out 4K video streaming support for all its users.

Pro users of Vimeo were allowed to upload 4K videos onto the website since early last December, but to view these at their highest resolution, users had to download the files. According to reports, this limitation was due to the fact that the streaming player utilized by Vimeo didn’t yet support 4K video. Last month, we also saw the service’s video-making app Cameo start supporting 4K. Thus, 4K isn’t anything new for Vimeo.

The video streaming website, over the next few months, will be rolling out 4K video streaming support to all its users around the planet.

Vimeo uses adaptive streaming which enables it to automatically render high-quality video (up to 2160p) considering your device, available bandwidth and your network speed. This is similar to YouTube’s approach for video streaming.

The update will not only affect web users, but also allow Android, iOS, Amazon TV and Roku app users to enjoy 4K.

According to reports, iOS and Apple TV apps should start supporting adaptive streaming from today. Other platform-based apps will get the necessary updates in the coming months. The rollout is said to reach its climax in late Q1 2016.

Uploading 4K videos will still remain the same though. Only Pro users get access to this privilege and it will cost them $199 annually. Good that we are on the watcher side !

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