Let this sink in: Nearly 10Mn Twitter users respond in favour of Elon Musk stepping down as head of Twitter

Looks like Elon Musk could well be at the receiving end of…

Betting on the go: why sports betting apps are becoming more popular

At one time, betting on sports was as simple as picking up…

Playstation 5 prices go up due to ‘global economic environment, high inflation’, says Sony

Sony’s Playstation 5 has been in surging demand ever since launch, but is yet to reach any kind of stable demand-supply equilibrium.

Accel announces a mega $4Bn late stage fund

That this announcement — that too from a name of Accel’s stature — comes at a time when it was much needed, will be an understatement.

Google launches the $449, Tensor-powered Pixel 6a, announces Pixel 7 for this fall

The Pixel 6A is priced at an aggressive $449, is powered by the ever-powerful Google Tensor chip and comes loaded with Android 13 and added security features.

a16z joins Sequoia, Binance, Oracle’s Elison and others in backing Elon Musk’s $44Bn Twitter Bid

Interestingly, despite rumours and ‘internal sources’, no PE firm has come up to back any portion of Elon Musk’s bid, at least as per the latest amended 13D filing.

Thunkable announces $30Mn in latest Series B investor funding

There are plenty of people who come up with a great idea…

Zenda, a platform that helps parents with school fee payments, gets seeded with $9.4Mn to expand in India

Zenda, which helps parents pay school fee digitally and keep a track of the same, has raised $9.4Mn in a seed round, to expand in India.

Tesla hits it out of the park with Q1 2022 numbers, but warns of continued supply chain disruptions for this year

Tesla recorded total revenues of $18.76 Billion, with a gross profit of $5.5 Bn. Those numbers are up 81% and 147% compared with last year.

Netflix lost 200K subscribers in a quarter, set to introduce cheaper ad-supported plans, charges on account sharing

The suspension of Netflix in Russia led to a los of 700K subs. Netflix is now planning an ad-supported plan, a first in its 25 year history.