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Apple has shared a few adoption numbers on its website today, based on App Store usage numbers. According to the company, its latest mobile operating system has reached the 70% adoption rate milestone which is in par with the iOS 7’s numbers, 2 years ago, and slightly higher than last year’s iOS 8.

One of the primary reasons for such high adoption rates is the slimming down of upgrade size from Apple. Also, there were not many delays this year as compared to last year’s rolling out of the software. The company has also not stopped supporting any older device with this year’s major update — a trend usually associated with most of Apple’s software updates..

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system has reached this milestone in just two and a half months. According to Apple, 22 percent of iOS devices are running iOS 8 and 8 percent are currently using iOS 7 or earlier. This means that a total of 92 percent of active iOS users are running iOS 8 or iOS 9. This data could be of great importance to developers as they can start using the latest APIs and clean up their code base.

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