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BlueStacks, The App Which Lets Androiders Stream Apps On Laptops And PCs, Crosses 100 Million Downloads, Launches Fresh Update

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BlueStacks has been the go-to app for Android addicts who can’t do away with Android apps even on a Windows or Mac computer. The app which hosts popular Android applications and games on the computer has hit a new milestone.

In an announcement, BlueStacks representatives revealed that the app has been downloaded over 100 million times.

And to mark this achievement, developers of this hugely popular app have announced the launch of BlueStacks 2, a major update to its previous version which marks a significant change in the app and is its biggest update till date. The makers of the app reveal that most of the Android users use the app on a computer to play games on a larger screen.

The average BlueStacks user spends 89 minutes playing on their first day. In addition, once someone discovers apps on PC or TV they tend to use them across all of their devices, giving the BlueStacks platform powerful reach for developers,

stated BlueStacks Product Manager, Shashi Kant Sharma.

To cater to this user base, the app has been upgraded to provide better experience with gameplay. One of the key and most sought after changes  — when a user is playing a game and accidently clicks an ad displayed on the screen, the link to the ad will be opened on a new tab. The gameplay won’t be affected and the user can open the tab once the game is closed.

The new update will also make it easier for users to access multiple apps at the same time. On BlueStacks 2 users can run multiple apps on different tabs in a browser like users interface.

Whenever there is a new hit Android game, we see a boost in growth. Basically, as mobile penetration and awareness increases, installs of BlueStacks increase in kind. We follow the hits.

stated BlueStacks SVP for Business Development and Marketing

Since the announcement, BlueStacks has crossed the 100 million mark by a significant margin. It currently stands at 109 million downloads and adds over 220,000 new users on daily basis, which is a significant number and is almost double the number it managed to gather last year.

These users spend a lot of money, which has attracted app developers to our platform in droves. On the other end of the spectrum, apps like messaging and e-commerce also tend to get heavy usage and attract high-value users. The platform has been a boon for advertisers,

added CEO Rosen Sharma


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