WordPress.com, the hosted version of Automattic’s content manager used by up to 25 percent of the Web (including TP) has been relaunched by the company today. The new version is codenamed Calypso and brings in many major improvements right off the bat. The company has also announced that it’s open-sourcing WordPress.com.

Also, we will be getting an official Mac app, with Windows and Linux support apparently coming soon.

Just like its .org counterpart, WordPress.com has now been open-sourced. Andy PeatlingCalypso Project Lead writes in the blog post announcing the open-sourcing of Calypso:

We’re proud to be able to open source all of the hard work we’ve put in, and to continue to build on the product in an open way. You can read more about opening up Calypso development on our CEO Matt Mullenweg’s site.

Over the next few months, we’ll publish more in-depth posts exploring the technicals and workflows behind Calypso: how we manage our own unique GitHub flows, how we’ve used other popular open source libraries like React and concepts like Flux, and our experiences bundling and launching native app clients. Keep an eye out for those by following this blog (in the bottom right), and in the meantime, check out the active Calypso codebase as we continue to iterate on it.

According to the company Calypso is:

  • Incredibly fast. It’ll charm you.
  • Written purely in JavaScript, leveraging libraries like Node and React.
  • 100% API-powered. Those APIs are open, and now available to every developer in the world.
  • A great place to read, allowing you to follow sites across the web (even if they’re not using WordPress).
  • Social, with stats, likes, and notifications baked in.
  • Fully responsive. Make it small and put it in your sidebar, or go full-screen.
  • Really fun to write in, especially the drag-and-drop image uploads.
  • Fully multi-site for advanced users, so you can manage hundreds of WordPresses from one place.
  • Able to manage plugins and themes on Jetpack sites, including auto-upgrading them!
  • 100% open source, with all future development happening in the open.
  • Available for anyone to adapt to make their own, including building custom interfaces, distributions, or working with web services besides WordPress.com.

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The improvements in WordPress.com are at an primary level, showing deviation from the normal WordPress core. For example, PHP has now been replaced with JavaScript and we see a more simplistic look for the tool.


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