Google has just rolled out a complete design overhaul for its Google+ social network, with a more stringent focus in its more recently launched features like Communities and Collections, and as Google likes to put it, ‘make life easier for you’.

For Google, the main focus right now is on ‘Communities’ and ‘Collections’. Google says communities now has average 1.2 million new joins per day, and Collections, which launched just five months ago and is ‘growing even faster’.

Now focused around interests, the new Google+ is much simpler, says Google. And it’s more mobile-friendly—Google has rebuilt it across web, Android and iOS so that you’ll have a “fast and consistent” experience whether you are on a big screen or small one. You’ll need to opt-in to this new version of Google+ on the web to see the changes—check out the Google+ post for more on how to give it a try.

Luke Wroblewski writes in his Google+ post,

Today we’re taking a big step toward making Google+ an even better place for your interests. To do so, we’ve drastically simplified nearly every aspect of the product. You’ll see this clearly in our new navigation centered around Collections and Communities.

You see, social networking has just not been Google’s domain till date. The internet giant has made numerous attempts, most popular and noteworthy of them all was of course Orkut, which — well — you know how it ended. Google had reportedly also tried to buy out WhatsApp in its early days, a deal which obviously didn’t materialise.

Lets see how this one goes. We’ll keep you updated.


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