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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile is still on the drawing board. Expected to first set foot into the market as a completed piece of software in November, Microsoft has been actively providing developers with test builds of its mobile OS to run, analyze and report bugs as well as enhancements to the Windows 10 Mobile team.

These builds have brought forward many new features as well as performance improvements. But a number of recent builds have been subject to one particularly nasty bug. The bug, which prevented upgrades from earlier builds, has finally been fixed by Microsoft via its latest build release today.

Today’s update will not bring in any new features. Instead you will be able to watch many bugs get squashed as well as general performance improvements” so that it can get most of its testers onto the latest and greatest.

Here’s a list of issues that today’s build will resolve, in addition to the upgrade bug:

  • For devices upgraded from Windows Phone 8.1 like the Lumia 930, Lumia Icon, and Lumia 1520 that had the “Hey Cortana” feature – with this build “Hey Cortana” should work again in Windows 10. To make sure it’s turned on, just go to Settings > Extras > Hey Cortana.
  • You can now select photos for sharing through third party apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Beta, WhatsApp etc.
  • Battery life should be improved in this build as several bugs impacting battery life have been fixed.
  • An issue where you couldn’t choose some apps to show quick status on the Lock screen via Settings > Personalization > Lock screen has been addressed.
  • Improvements to text prediction and auto-correction.
  • Video recording functionality has been improved.
  • Visual Voicemail sync should now work properly.
  • The dual-SIM issues that appeared in Build 10572 have been fixed.
  • The issue found with Build 10572 where the Chinese Pinyin QWERTY keyboard stopped working after upgrading from Windows Phone 8.1 has been fixed.

The build number is 10581 which is a bump from the previous 10572 released on October 20. Windows 10 Mobile still has many hurdles to clear and Microsoft will be on its toes right about now as they are planning to launch the first Windows 10 phones in November and roll out Windows 10 Mobile to existing Windows Phone users in December.

The known issues with the latest preview build are also listed by the Redmond giant. They are as follows:

  • As with previous builds, after applying this update the device may appear at a black screen for about 5 minutes when transition between the spinning gears and the final stages of update. Just be patient and it should progress past it. Exact time will vary by device.
  • You will be unable to set your default save locations via Settings > System > Storage and will not correctly reflect the current storage settings. If you are using a SD card in your phone, it will show up as a garbled name in Storage settings. Whatever you had configured for your save locations in the previous build will be the same.
  • After moving some apps to a SD card, those apps might crash. The workaround is to reboot your phone and those apps should work fine thereafter.
  • Deploying Silverlight apps through Visual Studio to your phone won’t work in this build. You can deploy UWP apps to your phone without any issues.
  • If you restore a backup from a phone that had a different resolution, you may end up with a corrupted Start experience. The workaround is to go to Action Center (which won’t be corrupted) then Settings > Personalization > Start and apply a different background picture.


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  1. This article is annoying also misleading because you say they have fixed Cortana it’s not true! You to train your voice and it doesn’t work. When I did update and was using my camera flash it left Bloch in top right hand corner of screen and is still there it was ok before I used it. When they said they had sorted out which search provider you can use in Microsoft edge settings you cannot change it. I don’t like to have information like this when I know myself what doesn’t work. What are the engineers being payed for? Joke

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