While our sheer thirst for more personal storage obviously doesn’t seem to end, Seagate has actually gone a step further — albeit in the cyber security domain — to launch what many are already calling, a ‘Spy drive’.

As the name itself suggests, this new hard drive has been designed to specifically store surveillance applications only. This include all those monitoring software which governments at various leves employ, including your personal home security system.

Speaking of Government though, Seagate held the launch event for this HDD at the ongoing China Public Security Expo 2015 in Shenzhen, China, a land where Government is probably guzzling up the largest amount of storage for surveillance reasons — thus naturally making it the largest market for Seagate’s gigantic ‘Surveillance harddrive’.

Matt Rutledge, Seagate’s Senior VP of client storage, said in a statement,

Seagate has worked closely with the top surveillance manufacturers to evolve the features of our Surveillance HDD products and deliver a customized solution that has precisely matched market needs in this evolving space for the last 10 years.

An IBM report pointed out, that over 90% of world’s data was created in the last two years only, making data storage one of the hottest markets for companies to enter right now.

The sudden surge in data storage can also be attributed to the ever-increasing need for surveillance — more at the Government level and subsequently high at personal level.

Seagate’s newly launched HDD is a seventh-generation Seagate® Surveillance HDD, which tackles the increasing need for high-resolution cameras and camera counts, and helps to ensure cost-effective performance and durability in always-on surveillance systems.

Other added advantages with this new HDD include precision-tuning for high write surveillance workloads which operate 24×7 and massive available capacities of up to 8TB, which support a staggering 64 cameras per drive and 8+ drives per system.


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