Connectifier, search powered recruiting software that helps with recruitment and discovery, has announced that it has raised $6 million in Series B round of funding, led by Goldcrest Capital. The company has not revealed how it is going to use the freshly infused capital.

Founded by a team of former Google engineers, Connectifier believes to be driving innovation, technology, and progress forward to connect people and jobs faster than ever. It is search powered recruiting software that helps in-house and contract recruiters more easily discover, understand, and connect with exceptional job candidates.

Earlier, in June of this year, the company had raised $6 million in Series A round. Thus, the total funding for the company, including this round stands at $12 million.

The company has witnessed rapid sales growth, going from $0 to $10 million run rate within 18 months. Sales of the company grew to 487% of Q1 2014 in Q1 2015. The user base also grew approximately 10x in 2014.

It also claims that the company’s product is being used by tens of thousands of recruiters today. Its customers are in the field of high tech, finance, sales, and healthcare industries, including over 40% of the Fortune 100 companies.

The company pages of social networks and other sites that post public information from individuals, and about individuals, to build profiles of people, using algorithms to improve accuracy. Currently, there are about 370 million profiles that have been built in this way.

John Jersin, Connectifier’s Chief Executive Officer, said,

It’s time to bring 21st century technology to bear so that we can make recruiters more effective stewards of their companies’ and the world’s most precious resource: human talent. We are on the forefront of this global change in recruiting human capital. We’re excited about the growth we’ve seen and we’re just getting started.

The company is backed by Goldcrest Capital, True Ventures, Galeo Ventures, Okapi Ventures, and notable angel investors including Sean Ellis, Andrew Chen, Jonathan Downey, and James Hong.

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