“Rather ugly compared to other Google apps”, is how Kirill Grouchnikov, a Google engineer, described Google Play’s User Interface before posting a series of pictures of a colourful, revamped version of the Android app store that is going to be available as an update soon.

Google has literally given a face-lift to the app store, by introducing a new set of animations. Google Play now looks a bit easier to navigate, due to its horizontal navigation that makes it far easier to discover apps.

In the new update the content has been categorized into mainly two sections: one is Apps and Games and other Entertainment. Popular and top rated apps have been moved into a new section called “highlights”.

A few other additions to the homepage include Top Charts, and a Family section that will house all the content a kid will need to pastime on the Android device.

The colours seem more apparent as Google has thrown in more vibrant colours into the UI, while the navigation has been shifted towards a horizontal right-to-left flow of content.

Google seems to have lifted a page or two from its own Material Design principles to add hue to the app store. Earlier, Google changed the way it displayed Google Play apps on Google.com search results. Each app was provided with a coloured tile of its own, making for an easier distinction between apps. This as it appears has also been utilized in the new update for the app store’s mobile version.

The update isn’t available to users yet, and seems to be in the testing phase. Given that Kirill has already gone ahead and announced its arrival on Google Plus, the update might been rolled off before the end of this year.

The app store’s new appearance will also come with Google’s new logo. An official confirmation of the launch date is yet to be made by Google.

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