Amazon has finally drawn curtains to the re:Invent 2015 with great applause and some major announcements. Coming out as an announcement from the event is a new service called Amazon Inspector. This virtual cop, equipped with the ability to analyse your Amazon Web Service instances, detects any security threat and produces a preliminary report at the moment itself.

The Amazon Inspector intends to make Amazon services a bit more secure and protected from potential threats. Users who access Amazon services can now tap into the slew of products without having to worry about losing the data to online epidemics. Particularly the users of Amazon cloud service, can now run an in-depth analysis to keep a check on threats lurking in the cyberspace.

For the sectors such as healthcare, finance and banking, which face regular occurrences of security breach on the web, this service helps monitor their data and storage usage so that it eventually falls under the governmental norms.

Not only does the Inspector assist in finding out the loopholes but also inform about the measures that can fix the problem. Users can manually choose the issue to fix first but the service sorts out preferred areas that have been affected based on the severity of the damage.

Its other noteworthy feature includes the Cloud Trails feature, an audit trail that shows the findings and actions taken after a report was submitted

Andy Jassy, SVP at AWS said –

This actually provides proactive security measures for Amazon customers and lets them see exactly where there could be issues before an issue actually happens. This proactive approach could appeal to those potential customers who might have been reluctant to move to the cloud, and to customers who simply want to find issues across their AWS instances.



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