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Tech London Advocates’ Seek Collaboration With Tech Entrepreneurs Of Bangalore

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Tech London Advocates’ (TLA), which is an independent network of Tech Experts, Investors and Professionals, hosted an event named Bangalore: Global Technology Success Forum in collabration with GrowthEnabler and Unicorn India Ventures.

The event marked the formation of a London-Bangalore community of technology leaders – TLA Bangalore Working Group. Aftab Malhotra, Founder of GrowthEnabler, has been named as the head of the newly formed group.

In the event, more than 100 technology entrepreneurs from London and Bangalore participated. They discussed the challenges and opportunities faced, and to encourage greater partnership between these leading tech hubs.

It aims to establish close relationship between Bangalore and London entrepreneurs to support and encourage Indian governments’ efforts in promoting skill development and entrepreneurship. It is intended to provide business opportunities as well as access to talent, expertise and knowledge-sharing.

Tech London Advocates strives to support London’s tech start-ups and high-growth businesses in finding new investment, new talent and continued success. Consisting of technology entrepreneurs, digital giants, journalists, government figures and vital suppliers to industry, it has overseas advocates from 20 countries and territories across the world.

The working group of TLA includes Health Tech, Education, Immigration, Women In Tech, Finance Technology, Retail Technology, Games, Cyber, Scaleup, Infrastructure, etc.

The TLA Bangalore Working Group aims to introduce entrepreneurs to VC firms and investors, provide advice and clarity around UK immigration legislation, promote solutions for the private sector to address the challenges faced by digital businesses, among others.

Russ Shaw, Founder of Tech London Advocates, said,

London and Bangalore are united by fast growing digital industries, with technology starting to define both business landscapes. It is fascinating to explore the similarities and differences between these two success stories and understand what London can learn from Bangalore’s response to challenges around talent, office space and funding.

Aftab Malhotra, Founder, GrowthEnabler said,

When we founded GrowthEnabler and decided to begin operating in Bangalore, it was majorly because of the explosive growth rate of start-ups in the city. The sheer scale of entrepreneurs looking to start and grow technology companies is staggering and opportunity for investment is immense in this city.

London is known for innovation and creativity, however, struggles to produce the talent required to fuel the fast growth businesses. On the other hand, the number of technology professionals with world class expertise makes Bangalore one of the most exciting tech capitals in the world. Such a collaboration between two such promising cities can be a significant boon to not just the start-up ecosystem, but also the greater vision of making India the manufacturing capital of the world

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