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Microsoft Releases A New Scheduling App On iOS Named ‘Invite’

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Microsoft’s idea generating factory, aptly named as ‘Garage’ has just oozed out a new app called Invite, aimed at scheduling meetings within a group a lot easier. Surprisingly though, the app has been released first on the App Store for the iOS platform.

Microsoft has announced in a blog post that the app will soon hit the Windows and Android platforms as well. The app was listed on the App Store yesterday only for users in the US and Canada and runs on iOS 8.1 or later.

Like many of Microsoft’s products, Invite works well in the presence of its distant cousins, namely the Office 365. Not limited to the Office suite though, users can also use Invite with Outlook, Yahoo Mail and Gmail to schedule meetings, which will be synced with the users Calendar.

Through Invite, users can send meeting invitations not only to your group members, but “anyone with an email address”, not limited within an organization. After the invitation has been sent, the invitee is notified through an email or an app notification, if they have Invite installed on their device.

It gives the invitees the liberty to choose their own timings by going through the suitable options. The group can work together to schedule a meeting and pick a final date and time. Once finalized Invite then sync’s the schedule with the devices Calendar.

Invite is the latest product to come out of Microsoft Garage, the company’s idea incubator for the consumer apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Garage previously developed an in-mail chat app called Send, and a snipping tool called Snip that supports ink and voice annotation.

Microsoft’s new found strategy seems to be to experiment with its products. By launching the new app fist on the iPhone, the company may be firm footed to test rough waters away from the safe confines of its Windows platform.

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