Skype, in a blog post today, has acknowledged the massive outage its users have been expereincing for a few days now. And while acknowledging the outage, the company blamed “larger than usual” cofiguration update for the break in services.

Acknowledging the damage, Skype Team says,

Yesterday, we experienced an issue at the Skype back-end that prevented us from delivering on our mission.

Apparently, Skype released a larger-than-usual configuration change, which some versions of Skype were unable to process correctly therefore disconnecting users from the network.

When outage affected users tried to reconnect, heavy traffic was created and some of you were unable to use Skype’s free services, including messaging, presence, and contact list management. Others could not sign in or out of Skype altogether, or make calls to landlines or mobile phones. Skype for Business was not impacted.

Skype says that as soon as it “became aware” of the issue, the team worked quickly to put in measures to re-balance the traffic load so that normal Skype service could resume. By midnight GMT, the issue had been fixed and users were back to using Skype in the usual sense.


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