Microsoft might own many platforms and give you amazing experiences in each but music streaming seems to be a bit broken down for the Redmond giant, at least considering its Zune service. The service, which we could assume was already dead a long time ago, has officially been announced a death sentence by the tech giant a couple of days ago.

According to Microsoft, Zune will be discontinued from the 15th of November and subscribers of Zune will become Groove subscribers from then on, instead.

The music streaming service was never taken too seriously by consumers and it was only a matter of time until the officials took Zune down. The online services linked with Zune were already killed several years ago and Microsoft was redirecting people to use Xbox Music.

But they hadn’t completely given up on Zune then and the Redmond giant had encouraged people to hold onto the tracks purchased on Zune and buy Zune products.

A few years in, Xbox Music was renamed Groove and now, it seems as if users of Microsoft’s streaming service will be forced to transition to a third platform in less than a decade. If you are still willing to try out Microsoft’s take on music, its not going to be cheap as the service charges on Groove are $9.99 or $99 for an annual subscription for unlimited streaming.


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