Apple’s new operating system for its terminator, the Apple Watch – on a mission to wipe out the traditional watch market – has apparently ran into a bug. The company announced today that it is holding back the release of the watchOS 2 as a consequence.

The new OS to its blockbuster, the Apple Watch, was to be released into the market earlier today.

Apple announced that it was working on fixing the issue well before the scheduled launch date, but the bug is proving too hard to be fixed easily. The company has remained tight lipped on the details related to the bug, and only disclosed that it will soon rectify the issue and release the OS quite soon.

Do note though, that Apple holding back a software launch on the very launch day is pretty much an indication as to how major that bug is.

The Upgrade to the Apple Watch OS has added benefits for developers as it gives unrestricted access to the built in sensors of the Watch and provides for a smoother streaming of data between the iPhone and the Watch. The new OS also works along nicely with Siri, and provides info about local weather..

Apple seems to have hurried the release of watchOS 2 close to its September 9 mega event. The presence of a bug might have been discovered at a later testing stage of the product. Packing every release into one big event may have saved time and boosted Apple’s prestige for the time being, but announcing the discovery of a bug on the date of a scheduled product release is surely going to put a dent and disappoint waiting Apple Watch users.

For added functionality between the Watch and the iPhone, Apple has improved on the connectivity of Watch. The watchOS 2, when released will give users the ability to access WiFi networks other than from their iPhone.


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