To survive in the competitive twenty first century, education is one very essential element. There is absolutely no need of denying or explaining its importance, we all know that.

But the problem is that in our ever-changing world, we are no longer keen in following our “aged” methods. We look for something new, fresh and appealing and this is especially seen among students. Studying is that crucial but challenging task that we absolutely dislike doing and to make it less distasteful we look for more amusing ways. Keeping that in mind, Mr. Ayman Sadiq, a fourth year student of IBA, and his very dedicated team has come up with the Ten Minute School. The 10 Minute School promises to redefine learning experience for those students who are desperately looking for something innovative to help them learn.

From the Ten Minute School, students are just not only learning from the tutorials they are provided with, but can also practice from their given tests. They provide fourteen categories of tests starting from the basic SSC level all the way to university admission tests of both public and private universities. Whether you want to try for Dhaka University, Institute of Business Administration, Engineering, Medical or MBA, for your ease, they have separate module tests.

They also have module tests for students appearing for their SAT, IELTS, GMAT, GRE and even bank job exams. So basically, this website is open for all!

Each of these categories have different sections, like for a student who will be practicing for their SSC exam will have sections ranging from chemistry, accounting to BGS. To prepare these questions, some of the creative minds from IBA, BUET, DU, NSU and BUP have provided their assistance. And the best thing about their tests is that they have a timer! As its name suggests, the students are given only ten minutes time to answer the questions, after ten minutes there is no extra time and definitely no scope of pleading! And isn’t that better? At home when we solve previous exam papers as a test we always give ourselves extra time, so this definitely helps!

The Ten Minute School has one other useful feature, the “Info Factory”. The Info Factory talks all about the admission tests and aptitude tests that you would be taking. One problem students’ face is that we often puzzle ourselves with how our exams will be conducted. The Info Factory provides answers to these questions and that too with cool and eye catching visuals and info graphics.

They present with information on how much time the exam will be conducted, how many parts there are and also when these exams are usually taken. They talk about the admission requirements and how they will calculate your results. So, if you face any confusion about your exam remember to just click the Info Factory, you’re dilemmas will all be solved. “Study Hack” is one other handy feature that the Ten Minute School also provides. This feature helps strengthen your basics by giving you useful “shortcuts” so that you can save time during your exam.

While online education has become a huge and major success around the globe, it still needs to make its mark in our country. With the tagline of “Learn. Practice. Progress”, the Ten Minute School has taken up the challenge of solving one of the biggest problems that our country faces, education.

It is the first website in Bangladesh through which students can learn from tutorials, practice from given tests, monitor their performance and also receive information needed which are otherwise not available in the internet. All of this is done completely FREE of cost. So what are you waiting for log in to , register and move one step ahead in acing your exams!

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