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Internet explorer’s genetically modified offspring, the Microsoft Edge will add a new codec in its armory that will turn it into an open source platform. Soon, the web browser will start supporting  the open source WebM VP9 codec, announced Microsoft earlier today.

The codec had been widely preferred over the Adobe Flash, as it offers faster video streaming by playing HD videos at lower bitrates.

Edge, which was launched along with Windows 10 will be one of the first open source softwares coming from Microsoft. The company is still trying to adapt it’s browser to the codec, but has held firm ground on incorporating VP9 with Edge. The codec will be an addition to the MP4/AAC sound codecs, Dolby Audio, HLS and MPEG DASH currently supported in Edge.

Microsoft is also planning to include Opus, a sound codec, OGG and Vorbis into Edge.

The codec is likely going to be launched as a manual option, as the company has termed it’s decision as experimental.

Adobe Flash has fallen out of preference for web developers, thanks to it’s numerous security glitches. Putting a firm stand against Adobe Flash, seven big wigs decided to form an unlikely alliance last week. The Alliance for Open Media founded by Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Netflix will try to develop an answer to Flash. The creation of the alliance was in part related to the 0.5 percent patent fees Adobe demanded every time a video was streamed.

Amidst the raising concerns of malware tagged along with videos in Flash, developers stated turning towards VP9, Thor and Daala, for video streaming codec.

Microsoft’s part hand in the alliance is also a reason for inclusion of VP9 into Edge. The company seems to be shifting towards open source platforms from its deep rooted proprietary values. Offering a free upgrade to Windows 10, although for a short time, gives clear indication of Microsoft’s new found values.

Edge as of now holds a market share of 14 percent, dropping 6 points after a week of its launch.

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