India-based virtual telephone provider Knowlarity has come out with an Android version of its Super Receptionist product which acts as a business’s virtual receptionist. That’s right, it will let you handle phone queries, track leads and view call records.

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Launched in June this year, the app aims to address the issues plaguing business owners of the dynamic world always on the move who are unable to track business calls via their smartphones. Undoubtedly, tracking the entire business communication in real time from a dashboard on mobile provides businesses and edge over its counterparts. This app also helps one to differentiate between performing and non performing employees quickly and see core issues that need to be addressed.

Ambrish Gupta, CEO of Knowlarity tells me,

The Super Receptionist app will be your personal call manager. It can help handle your calls when you are busy, and filter out the unwanted calls that you do not want to answer. Business Health Indicator in this app performs complicated data analysis on your call records to let business owners know their efficiency and responsiveness to customer requests. Our solution increases productivity and reduces downtime with rapid access to customer information.

In fact, the Business health indicator feature which Ambrish mentions, is something pretty unique and insanely handy for SMBs. The feature, takes into account data from numerous parameters which you use in the Super Receptionist app, and then projects a barometer of sorts to help you analyse how well your business is doing.

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It takes into account the number of business calls you’ve missed, and the ones you have received, and then presents a unique ‘Call Effectiveness’ metric to help you identify your venture’s growth.


  • Call Logs: Keep track of business opportunities and ensure you and your employees don’t miss them. Owners can route calls to 10 extensions, with an added bonus of multi-language IVR(availabe to Premium users only, as you might have guessed.)
  • Voice Mail in real time, so that customers aren’t left unattended when you’re busy.
  • Call recordings will help businesses manage customers in a more pro-active manner and assess their own responses towards their complaints.
  • Set a welcome message for customers. This definitely will go the long way in creating a stellar impression.
  • Support for integration into existing CRMs such as Freshdesk and SalesForce.


The bonus feature, you ask? The super receptionist app has a click-to-call that triggers calls to the concerned parties through email/website itself.

All in all, Super Receptionist is a complete package for meeting a firm’s cloud telephony needs. One can easily track calls based on location, determine the employees performing poorly in terms of customer response.Customer representatives themselves can take calls from their smartphones.

How It Works

Signing up(a very straight forward process requiring your email and set a free forwarding number) gives you 10 minutes of access to your virtual number based on the free credits.

The portfolio is divided into four categories – Basic, Advanced, Premium and Enterprise. Premium and Enterprise plans include every feature, including SuperConference (which lets you add up to 10 members on a call) and CRM integration. Basic and Advanced plans only let you listen to recording from one and three months in the past, Premium and Enterprise plans add the ability to listen to any recording from the past irrespective of the time period.

The call rate card can be viewed here.

Knowlarity, incorporated in 2009 and has been funded by venture capital Sequoia and Mayfield, has a stated goal to reach $1 billion in valuation and serve millions of SMEs in the next five years. The startup currently has about 12,000 SME clients and about 400-500 larger clients.

Their flagship products, Super Receptionist and SmartIVR, can process over a million calls an hour. Using these products Knowlarity has been able to provide the following services to enterprises across Asia – Missed Dial, Virtual Ad Number, Click-2-Call, Super Toll-Free Number, K-Broadcast, Cloud IVR, Advanced Dual Bridge Number, Virtual PPC, Number and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution.

This hugely competitive space has other players like Exotel & Ozonetel. However, statistics indicate that this market is large enough for newer players to enter. The enterprise mobility market is expected to be over $1 billion by 2015. I wouldnt’ say the competition is behind. Exotel had thrown open its API for developers to leverage its platform in 2013.

The company is now looking at expanding their footprint in emerging markets especially in South-East Asia and the MENA region. They have already opened offices in Singapore and Philippines and are in process of opening one in Dubai.

Most of Knolwarity’s customers are in the SMB segment, and understandably do not have computer access all the time. But they do have access to smartphone and that’s what pushed the start-up to venture into the mobile space. Mobile connections in India is expected to grow to 880 million in 2015, an increase of 5 percent from 837 million connections in 2014, according to Gartner, Inc.

pro-rev-insignia The Verdict



  • Easy to use
  • Massively Economical
  • Feature-Loaded


  • No iPhone app
  • Not so great user reviews on Play Store

We give this app, a 4.5, and hence we strongly recommend you to go ahead, give Super Receptionist a spin by downloading it from here. Meanwhile, don’t forget to rate your own experience on Super Receptionist app by reviewing in our newly incorporated user reviews.

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