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SaaS Startup Wingify Launches notCRUD, A Product Hunt Like Community Platform To Discuss Indian Products

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Wingify, the 2009 founded Software-As-A-Service startup known largely for its website A/B testing solution VMO, has announced the launch of a new community platform, pretty much similar to Product Hunt, to showcase India-made products, technology and design thinking.

The platform, named notCRUD, at its very first look — will look strikingly similar to how Product hunt has been developed. In fact, the Wingify team itself acknowledges the fact, that “notCRUD, in a manner of speaking, aims to be the ProductHunt for India”.

Do note though, that notCRUD is more like a discussion platform, similar to how forums work and still has a long way to go if it needs to reach on equal levels with Product hunt. The design however, is pretty much similar to Product Hunt, indicating that the platform will eventually be getting more features.

notCRUD will put the spotlight on Indian-born hardware, design initiatives as well as interesting discussions / write-ups on product management, growth, hiring, scaling technology and building stellar user experiences – all created by people in India. notCRUDwill also start a series of offline events and organize talks and hackathons to work on truly interesting product problems.

Interestingly, notCRUD has already signed in, the likes of Santosh Panda (Founder and CEO, Explara) Harish Sivaramakrishnan (VP of Front End Engineering and UX at FreeCharge) and AvinashRaghava (Co-Founder and Fellow at iSPIRTFoundation).

But then, why introduce a community (read it as discussion forum) when multiple similar sources in the country are already present ? Wingify’s Founder and CEO Paras Chopra said,

While there are enough communities and platforms that talk about startups, valuations, and fundraising, there is very little discussion happening on nuts-and-bolts of building amazing products out of India. We need more people thinking and talking about robotics, artificial intelligence, cryptography, database design, design patterns, and product management practices.

With notCRUD, Winigify aims to target market’s which haven’t really got mention in India’s startup ecosystem. As Chopra himself mentions, notCRUD will focus on talking about titles as diverse as robotics, cryptography, AI etc.

notCRUD’s parent company Wingify, is largely known for its virtual website A/B testing solution for marketers and brands, VWO (Visual Website Optimizer). Companies like Microsoft, General Electric, Rackspace, Cleartrip are already using VWO to understand how website visitors engage with their digital properties.


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