September 9 is just, well 9 days away. So can Siri give us a hint ? More than that actually, and this time it’s for the gamers. Looking at the event in San Francisco, California – touted to be Apple’s biggest for the year – the number of gadgets and upgrades are staggering; thanks to the official product launch details from Apple.

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are the main star casts for this mega Apple event. But, sneaking in to a pin drop silence is the much awaited upgrade to Apple TV, which will also be launched in the same event.

Its prequels, the Part one and the two and the three, were rather there, lying somewhere in the list due to Apple’s not-so-much attention to those products, that too at a ripe time, when gamers went crazy with the bottleneck competition between Sony PS Four and Xbox One.

But come September 9, Apple wants to enter the ring and grab a share of the gaming markets billion dollar pie. Boasting the Apple TV’s gaming experience will be its Siri controller. Gamers would be able to access the App Store to download games.

The TV will also allow gamers to play graphic rich titles, like the ones seen on consoles. The hardware upgrade is also equipped with game controllers that can be connected through Bluetooth. The joysticks however, will borrow the design and feel of the ones launched for iPhones and iPad’s – with a ability to measure the pressure applied while playing — haptic, you you guessed that right.

The remote controllers can be used through the touch pad as well as physical buttons. One among the buttons works like a ring bell for waking up Siri, so that she takes over the TV’s control. The Siri controller also has two good features, one is that its battery is replaceable and the other is that its equipped with motion sensors. What this means is that you can use it to steer your virtual vehicles. The controller will be using the Bluetooth 4.2, but it can be only confirmed after the event.

Apart from all these improvements meant to deliver an engaging gaming experience, the Apple TV would operate on the iOS 9 core. But with all this comes the price tag, that has scaled up to $149 and $199 with a shipment date scheduled for October.


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