All early-stage startup folks out there, Hi ! Just the way you guys are trying to disrupt your respective market segments, we invite you, to participate in a one-of-its-kind event in India, here to disrupt that dull, boring startup events segment within our country. Hereby announcing, TP Pitch Off, Season 2 ! 60 120 seconds, 12 startups, 1 stage — India’s most disruptive hour is back !

And this time, we are giving opportunity to India’s beautiful North, to get a chance to pitch and get funded LIVE. This time, we are coming to the Pink City !!! Jaipur !!! And the venue ? well, we are keeping it a surprise — but rest assured — it is one of Jaipur’s most happening places among the younger circuit. (Guesses ?!?!?!)

If you are new to this concept though, let us explain it in the simplest possible terms :

  • Its a startup pitching event, where in we’ll be selecting 12 out-of-the-box ideas to pitch right in front of some of the biggest accelerator and investor names within the country.
  • These 12 startups would include 10 Jury selected, one Editor’s choice and one audience selected startup.
  • Each of these 12 selected startups will get 120 seconds to pitch their ideas in front of accelerators — use PPTs, PDFs, Videos, Movies, Music — basically anything and everything you think of, to convince the seated audience of your idea.
  • Whats’s the end prize you ask ? Well, we are assuring direct entry to a minimum of 2 startups out of the 12 in our partner accelerator programs (with obviously space for more).

However, before you go all out and start applying, do take a look at the following points — which are to be considered while applying :

  • We encourage only early-stage/idea-stage startups to apply for the event, largely because accelerator programs are best suited for them.
  • However, startups who have raised less that ₹5 Lacs worth of capital in a seed round can also apply.
  • Boot-strapped startups are eligible for applying.
  • For detailed set of rules, visit TP Pitch Off’s website by clicking here.

So ready to disrupt India’s most disruptive hour ? Great ! Apply here. (There are no registration charges).

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