Remember that Google Now on Tap update which Google previewed in May, and which is supposed to come with Marshmallow’s public release this fall ? Well guess what ! Microsoft has already rolled out a similar feature in its latest Bing Search update for Android, making sure that by the time you get Marshmallow on your devices (which will be like ages !), you’d probably not need Google now.

The latest Bing Search For Android update, released and announced by Microsoft today, introduces a new feature wherein, you can simply hold down the home button to get contextual information when you want more info. on the people, places, and things you’re reading about, without switching apps. Yep.

In fact, in its announcement, Microsoft’s search general manager Ryan Gavin himself acknowledges the fact, that this is indeed, a knock-out punch for Google Now on Tap (which still hasn’t debuted !). Here’s what Gavin says,

[This feature is] directly parallel to a lot of what you saw with Google Now on Tap.

The Bing Search For Android app currently has downloads ranging between 1-5 Million. However, with the launch of this new feature, don’t be surprised if you see that number shooting way above your expectations.

So what all can you do with the new update ? Well, MS describes it pretty vividly.

Looking at a picture of some awesome beach on facebook or instagram ? Well, if you’ve got the latest Bing Search app installed, you would get everything about that beach in the photo caption, courtesy of Wikipedia. Looking at a nice restaurant and planning to dine there ? Bing will pull up reviews from Yelp and let you know what others feel about that place.

And unlike Google Now On Tap, Bing’s latest update is publicly out with no beta or bugs as of now. And since Android version updates depend on which OEM’s device you’re currently using (they need to put up their own bloatware over Android you know), Microsoft has indeed, outdone, outperformed Google in bringing out this thing on your phones.

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