Tolexo, the online marketplace for businesses to buy or sell corporate goods and supplies, has now launched a new mobile app for serving the same purpose. Apart from this launch, the company has set aside a decent $2 Million for further development of its app, and has brought in Gaurav Jain, Ex- Engineering Manager for MobileApps from Snapdeal, to lead the mobile technology initiative.

At a time when almost every big Indian e-commerce brand is directing focus towards mobile, the move seems pretty apt. However, Tolexo’s web presence won’t be going down either (unlike Myntra or Flipkart), which again, is fine move considering that web is and will continue to be a major browsing platform for consumers.

Harsh Kundra, Co-founder, Tolexo says that his company has witnessed consistent growth in the number of users interacting on our mobile site, proving the transition of the traditional businesses to the online way of buying.

In terms of statistics, Tolexo is currently seeing 400,000+ businesses using its mobile website every month. At present, more than 90% of Tolexo’s customer base includes small and medium businesses, with the maximum traction coming from Tier 2, 3 & 4 cities. Just so you know, a Walmart Report had earlier stated, that B2B E-commerce in India is all set to be a $700bn opportunity by 2020. Yep.

Tolexo, is a one-of-its-kind B2B e-commerce venture, started in 2014. The startup offers consumer shopping experience for the largest collection of products needed by businesses, factories, offices and laboratories. It leverages the existing buyer & seller networks of its parent company IndiaMart and has built a massive collection of 1,000,000+ products in a short span.


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