If you’ve been following Intel’s recent activities, you would clearly make out that the once giant in chip manufacturing is waking up to market’s newer trends. One such newer trend, to which Intel has announced a more firm debut, is wearables. The chip giant has today launched a new, sensor-controlled, enterprise-security grade bracelet, which unlocks your computer as you approach it.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich,  showed the bracelet off at the IDF in San Francisco. He said it can make the process of logging in much easier, however it can’t help you do away with the entire password-tping login method.

The bracelet has a rather simple, yet immensely useful function for your use. As you approach your computer, you would find your machine already logged in for you, avoiding that wait (which is sometimes longer) for your PC/laptop to fire up.

The user would have to authenticate the wearable device while wearing it, and re-authenticate if they take the bracelet off, Intel said.

As a part of its launch, Intel has partnered with numerous software companies to release a whole set of Software Development Kits (SDKs) to inspire developers to build more applications for wearables.

This however, won’t be Intel’s first foray into wearables. The company has already partnered with a number of watch makers to power their upcoming smartwatches with its not-so-much-in-demand mobile computing chips. More notably, the company is also speculated to be actively involved in the development of the next iteration of Google Glass, which is set to be a more enterprise-targeted eyewear powered by an Intel chip.

The company also has a similar partnership with Microsoft, called Wake-On-Voice, which aims to enable users to wake up PCs and other battery-operated Intel-powered devices using voice.


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