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Surging e-commerce shopping in India has resulted in a flurry of investments into business supporting that e-commerce growth. And Logistics is the fastest growing segment of all those supporting businesses. In fresh indications of that growth, Shadowfax, a tech-enabled logistics startup out of Gurgaon, has now grabbed $300K from Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal of Snapdeal, Zishaan Hayath and others.

Shadowfax has invested in robust and reliable technology that uses multiple modes of communication in order to provide relevant solutions in the Indian context. It employs integrated GPS tracking functions and automated algorithms in its product to improve the efficiency of the network.

The company, which currently focuses on food-delivery, has employed enhanced technology around restaurant preparation time, to ensure that riders pick up meals only after they are ready and use the shortest route to navigate their way to their destination.

We have incorporated several features that leverage our proprietary end-to-end capacity planning algorithm to put the merchant directly in touch with the rider, geo-location for tracking orders, rider route planning, order coupling etc.

explains Vaibhav Khandelwal, CTO & Co-founder at Shadowfax.

On the merchant side, the startup provides a flexible, technology-driven framework incorporating features such as automatic rider scheduling, seamless app communication, instant feedback, geo-based tracking, and location-based rider allocation. Shadowfax ensures 100% product delivery assurance.

With fresh capital coming in, the company further aims to take its services beyond food delivery and expand its efficient logistical infrastructure to multiple other categories. The startup currently employs a team of 35+ employees and 350+ riders and plans on expanding into 10 more cities within the next one year

Abhishek Bansal, Founder and CEO — ShadowFax, says,

At Shadowfax, we are looking to build India’s most formidable, credible and fastest merchant delivery service. To achieve our aim, we have invested in strengthening our people on-boarding & training with tech-enabled solutions that help us provide 100% service assurance.

Shadowfax, though launched just months back in May 2015, has already seen some really impressive traction for its services. Since its launch, the startup today claims to have an average delivery volume processing of approximately 3000 orders a day, with 120-150 outlets currently utilising its service for last mile delivery in the Delhi-NCR region.

The company charges its customers on a pay-per-delivery model based on distance and required service quality.


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