In yet another Hurrah ! moment for all of us who use Slack (this one is for standard and Plus users only, sorry !), the popular office (and otherwise too) communication tool, has now announced E-mail integration into Slack Channels for Standard and Pro Users.

Announcing the new update, Slack says,

Today we’re launching a new feature: all teams on the Standard or Plus plans can have email directed into Slack channels.

Adding the Email integration to your team is simple: just pick the channel to which you’d like to send the email messages and you’ll be given a secret email address that will route directly to that Slack channel. That’s it—repeat as necessary.

There’s a bucket load of things you can plan to do with this new e-mail integration.

You can drop every new client contact into your #sales-leads channel, if you use CRM at work. Customers on your website can fill up a contact form, responses to which can appear in your company’s #support channels instantly. Email aliases like sales@yourcompany or info@yourcompany can be copied into the appropriate channel and be searchable from inside of Slack. And those beloved newsletters of yours ? You can get them delivered instantly into your channel.

The feature though, is obviously not available to Free/Lite plan owners, and sadly, Slack doesn’t really look in a mood to provide such users with E-mail integration. This sums it all,

If you’re on the Free/Lite plan and would like to try this new feature well then perhaps you’ve found a good reason to upgrade to a Standard or Plus plan!

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