Ola, one of the most popular cab hailing service provider in India, has announced its partnership with The Directorate General Resettlement (DGR) under the Ministry of Defence to extend an opportunity for Ex-servicemen to turn them entrepreneurs with Ola. A perfect gift on India’s 69th Independence day.

Under this initiative called “Ola Sainik”, Ola would be investing in the re-skilling of interested candidates, helping them embrace technology and empower them to grow as skilled micro-entrepreneurs on the Ola platform.

Ola Sainik will also make available larger benefits like training, education and insurance for the family members of Ex-servicemen. The first batch is expected to join the Ola platform in the coming week.

Yugantar Saikia, Senior Vice President, Ola said,

We salute the Ex-servicemen for their contribution to our country. Ola Sainik will allow them to work with pride and flexibility as entrepreneurs on the Ola platform. As members of the armed forces in the past, they undoubtedly constitute high quality talent in terms of skill and discipline. 

A stable income, an opportunity to grow and serve the nation like always, makes this initiative a win-win.

Col. Vipin Patpatia, Joint Director, Directorate General of Resettlement, MoD, speaking on this association said,

We are excited to associate with Ola on this initiative. We think this is a wonderful opportunity for retired and released servicemen to establish their civil life. Ola has changed the course of mobility and transportation in the country and impacted lives of hundreds of thousands of drivers. 

By getting Ex-servicemen on board through the Ola Sainik program, they are allowing top-notch talent available amongst us to serve the nation again.

On retirement or release, mostly between the age of 37 to 45, a serviceman’s second innings into civic life and employment becomes uncertain. Every year, approximately 60,000 service personnel are retired or released at an age where they have unfinished responsibilities.

Like tens of thousands of driver-entrepreneurs on its app, Ola will help them with training, technology and a consistent revenue opportunity by giving access to the millions of customers on its platform.

Ola was founded in 2010 by Ankit Bhati and Bhavish Aggarwal. Till now, the company has raised $676.8 million in six funding rounds from sixteen investors. It has also acquired its rival TaxiForSure earlier this year for $200 million.


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