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Microsoft Issues Fix To A Glitch That Prevented Windows 10 Store Downloads For Certain Users

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Windows 10 has undoubtedly revived Microsoft. The OS has been critically acclaimed, around the world, by the most respected journalists and reviewers. However, as is the case with every other software, Microsoft’s poster boy too contains a few bugs and glitches here and there.

One such glitch was spotted by users across the globe on the 8th of August. A certain section of users had started reporting that they were unable to access the Windows 10 Store and a number of their previously installed Store apps.

The apps that were listed as inaccessible included built-in Windows apps like Mail and Calendar too. The queue of their app updates in the Store also kept getting longer and longer but the updates just wouldn’t start.

On the 11th of August, we heard from the Redmond giant that they would be rolling out a fix for this problem via Windows Update within 48 hours. And as promised, they did.

The fix automatically takes course. You just have to restart your system, open Store and wait for the queue to start clearing up. Eventually the apps will all start updating or downloading. The built-in apps having problems running (like Mail and Calendar) should also start functioning normally after the queue gets cleared.

But, on closer inspection, it has been noticed that the fix released today doesn’t seem to be part of any software update package, as most users couldn’t spot any recent updates in their systems other than the regular Windows Defender ones.

Microsoft however, has already rolled out the first major software package for Windows 10, more about which can be found here.

Last week, a few of us received messages from the tech giant pointing out that their Store server was having problems. Microsoft apparently upgraded their Windows 10 Store following this, but it seems that this had no effect over the issue that was resolved today.


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