Gnip, the social data analysis company acquired by Twitter last year, has announced, that companies and social media analysts looking to pull up historical data from Twitter’s tweets, can now do so for nine years worth of tweets, instead of the usual three months duration.

And the data isn’t just limited to nine years. That basically means, you get access to complete tweeting history, starting from when you tweeted first to the current time. Announcing the development, Twitter said in a blog post,

Gnip’s Historical PowerTrack and 30-Day Search API tools were developed with these [data from Twitter] pressing customer needs in mind. Today we’re extending our historical product offerings with the launch of our Full-Archive Search API.

This new product builds off of Gnip’s existing 30-Day search solution and extends the available window of instant and complete Twitter access to a span of more than nine years… and counting. The Full-Archive Search API will now allow Gnip customers to immediately search for any historical public Tweet — ever.

The Full-Archive Search API combines the most important aspects of two of Gnip’s most popular offerings to solve enterprise business needs with user experiences not previously possible. By pairing instant accessibility with the full archive of historical Tweets, Twitter says, that they have created a “new premium solution” for its ecosystem of partners to deliver historical social data to their own clients.

The product has till date, been in private beta and has been tested by the likes of Brandwatch (@Brandwatch), Sprout Social (@SproutSocial), SocialBro (@SocialBro), Livefyre (@Livefyre), NUVI (@NUVI) and others.


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