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Ola Is Doing A Uber In India, Partners With One Plus To Let Riders Have First-Hand Experience Of The One Plus Two

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It wasn’t too long ago (3 weeks precisely) when I told you guys about Uber’s yet another insane, cash-burning marketing stunt, wherein the company was delivering Xiaomi’s hi-end models to customers in Singapore and Malaysia. Looks like Ola wants to pull off something similar, here in India.

In an announcement made today, Ola is partnering with One Plus, the company behind two literal “flagship killers” One Plus one and One Plus Two, to let Ola riders experience the One plus Two models first hand. As a part of this partnership, a few luck riders will also get invites for buying the One Plus Two when its sales begin.

OnePlus 2 will be available for an on-demand experience on the Ola app this month in 6 major cities across India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata. Ola customers can request a free OnePlus 2 experience at their doorstep, just like they would request a cab, by clicking on the ‘OnePlus 2’ icon that will be live on Ola’s app during these days.

Users can register on the Ola app to have a chance to get OnePlus invites and freebies. Additionally, a select few customers who request an experience on the Ola app stand a chance to win coveted OnePlus 2 invites.

Through this partnership, Ola will make OnePlus 2 phones available for its millions of customers to experience first hand. This globally first of its kind partnership between OnePlus and Ola signifies innovative ways that brands adopt to engage with customers using newer platforms.

says Ola

Nothing new and ‘innovative’ in this partnership though, considering Uber employed a similar model in Singapore and Malaysia. Nevertheless, it is a first for India, and a treat for all those who are doing everything within their power to get a One Plus 2 invite.

In Bangalore and Chennai, this initiative will be available on 17th and 18th of August, in Hyderabad and Mumbai on 21st and 22nd and in Kolkata and Delhi on 25th and 26th of August. OnePlus and Ola will also have unique social media campaigns for customers to win the invites.


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