So the home services market may be facing a lot of heat in the west, but that is definitely not stopping either the investors or startups within India, to explore this scattered market segment within the country. Yet another startup in the segment, DoorMint, has now nabbed close to $3 Million in a fresh Series A round, co-led by Helion Ventures and Kalaari Capital.

Doormint will use these fresh funds to expand its current service network in Mumbai as well as establish its presence in other metro cities. Doormint is also looking to get professionals with “a proven track record” (read it as big-shot management hirings) on board its team across marketing, operations and technology.

Founded in 2015 by Abhinav Agarwal, Doormint, like many other in this segment, aims to provide doorstep home solutions at affordable prices. Focusing on amazing convenience and service quality, Doormint aims to resolve the household grievances of the always-mobile metropolitan populace through its mobile app and online platforms.

Fundamentally similar to how other similar services like HouseJoy etc. work, Agrawal says that the company is different from others due to a “more innovative technology to control operations and better networking capability with both customer and service providers”.

Agarwal says,

We aim to provide affordable, technology driven home solutions to our consumers. The latest investment comes as a major shot in the arm, enabling us to expand and consolidate our service network in Mumbai while also proliferating in other metro cities. We have complete faith that with our superior service penetration and customer-oriented mobile interface, we will establish ourselves as a market leader in the next 6-8 months.

The company hasn’t provided any details on traction as of now.

The startup currently operates only in Mumbai, via a 40 member team providing doorstep home services to consumers. However, with fresh funding coming in, expansion plans are already lined up for Delhi, Gurgaon and Bengaluru in the next three months.


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