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Ed-tech startup Cuelearn, a flagship company of Unitus Seed Fund providing new, out-of-the-box after-school learning solutions, has announced an undisclosed investment from Canaan Partners Managing Director Alok Mittal.

Cuelearn started by Manan Khurma and Jagjit Khurma in 2013, is a Delhi based start-up, which aims to provide high-quality, after-school learning through a combination of paper-based worksheets, tablet-based interactive learning technology and skilled instructors. Cuelearn is currently promoting its flagship product CueMath that aims to solve the hassles faced by students while learning Math.

By employing a simplified and engaging blend of worksheets and tablet based technology, its makers hope to solve the frustration faced by students while solving problems in Mathematics.

The company which is currently focusing on K-8 students also employs homemakers, who work as micro-franchisees and deliver the program from the comfort of their homes and make extra income.

Its investor, Alok Mittal, who is an active angel investor and CEO of Indifi stated,

I am excited about the after school learning space in India, as the opportunity is immense, with no real market leaders at present.

Speaking about Cuelearn he added,

Cuelearn’s approach is a business model that is asset- light and extremely scalable, while ensuring high-quality academic delivery.

The after school learning segment in India is a USD $ 5 billion market, and the company aims to target this segment by employing up to 25000 teachers catering to half a million students within the next three years.

Speaking about their prospective future, Manan Khurma, CEO and Co-Founder of Cuelearn stated,

We are enabling homemakers and other non-working individuals to become at-home educated entrepreneurs by adapting a revolutionary tech-driven learning system.

Unitus Seed Fund, which owns Cuelearn, wants to radicalize the traditional classroom based learning methods.

Cuelearn is capital efficient and highly scalable, enabling rapid growth from Tier-1 cities to the smallest villages; unlike the traditional classroom –based tuition providers

said Will Poole, Managing Partner, Unitus Seed Fund.

The company also wishes to empower the tutors by providing them an opportunity to earn up to 20,000 INR a month by dedicating only a few hours a week for teaching.


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