Apple TV is seeing yet another rumor round, though this one looks a bit more credible. A report from Buzzfeed indicates that Apple is planning to launch a fresh iteration of its set-top box Apple TV this September, along with the usual next-gen iPhones and the final iOS 9 build.

The launch was supposed to take place at this year’s WWDC in June, but was unfortunately pushed back at the eleventh hour, with the Cupertino-based company had claimed “the product is not ready.” We mentioned this report looks credible since it was Buzzfeed which had mentioned about Apple’s WWDC plans.

The refreshed Apple TV will be slimmer than earlier(that, I think is a given with most next-gen device launches) and will sport the A8 chip, similar to the one on the iPhone 6. In terms of hardware, we’re looking at more internal storage, Siri support, and a new remote control with some kind of integrated touchpad. You will notice that the specifications are pretty much similar to the rumors which haave been doing the rounds lately.

Significant is the possibility that the three-year-old Apple TV could finally feature SDK and an app store to thrown open the platform to millions of Apple developers across the globe. Currently, content providers have to work with Apple to create channels which are then pushed out to everyone with an Apple TV. A dedicated app store will only open up opportunities for content creation and could steer Apple onto the path of a media streaming capabilities or even a console, who knows?

However, there is disappointing news as well. The Wall Street Journal had indicated that the Apple TV would have the company’s subscription TV service, including around 25 channels and cost between $30 and $40 a month. But the latest report denies this possibility. 4K fans too should have another downside; Apple doesn’t seem to be interested in jumping onto this platform, as it feels it still doesn’t have the required content development and viewership.


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