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When you search for videos on YouTube these days, chances are that you will see a lot of non-required stuff first, and then the video you actually asked. However, YouTube’s new, re-designed or rather re-conceptualised android app will make sure you get videos directly from the video platform’s better creators, rather than that nonsensical stuff.

The new app, released yesterday (Android only, iOS soon) will be “making it easier than ever to find videos you love and create them, too.”, says YouTube.

While there are subtle design changes, features on the other hand have got a major overhual. instead of the usual YouTube interface, the new app now straightaway has three tabs — Home, Subscriptions and Account.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.22.40 am

Within the home tab, you can explore and discover videos you’ll love with recommendations based on your watch history as well as playlists personalized just for you, similar to the previous experience. However, Google does say that the recommendations section has got improvements to provide you with better and more relevant content.

The most interesting addition of all, is the new Subscriptions Tab. While this tab will ibviously show videos from channels you have subscribed too, it now has a new notifications feature, which will make sure you never miss a video from your favourite YouTube creator. You can now tap the bell icon on the channels you like to get a notification as soon as a new video is posted.

Do understand the difference between channels you “love” and channels you “subscribe” to.

The Account section is now more comprehensive, allowing you to check out your playlists, watch history, and the videos you’ve uploaded all in one spot.

You can now also watch Vertical videos full screen, a development already reported by folks at Android Police recently. If you remember, vertical videos earlier used to play in a constricted mode with that black video background taking up 2/3rd of the screen during full-screen playback.

Those were additions for users, the new Youtube app however, is probably gonna be a favourite among creators now.

With the redesigned app creators now get access to a new set of video creation tools. So you’ve got an amazing camera in your phone or tablet ? You can now trim your footage, tint the image with filters, add music, and upload – all inside the app. And that’s not just it. Google has promised of a lot of new features within the app in the coming years.

The new app is currently available only for Android, with an iOS version coming out soon.


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