Elon Musk’s Tesla Model S P85D ha a new gift for speedsters out there. While there already is an ‘Insane’ mode in Model S which took it from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds, Musk has announced a fresh, ‘Ludicrous’ mode, which will take the Model S from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds ! Yep.

However, the very aptly named ‘ludicrous’ mode won’t come as easily as a software update, which was pretty much the case with most other Tesla tunings. Tesla says that the company has to build in fresh, physical hardware to get this acceleration .

The new hardware in place is a new fuse, which has been build specially for the ludicrous mode, so that it doesn’t melt, given the extreme amounts of current it’ll have to pass through, when you really pull up that 2.8 seconds acceleration.

To get into other specifics, Musk says that the new mode’s acceleration will tick you to the seat at a 1.1 Gs, which is ‘faster than falling’. He adds, “It’s like having your own private roller coaster.”.

Lets come down to the pricing of this new fuse. It is gonna be $10K for new buyers, and $5K for existing owners of a p85D model. For tesla lovers and owners, this price must be pretty much acceptable.

Apart from this, Musk also announced that Tesla would be launching a new Model S 70, which is a new single motor 70 kWH model for $70K. Also announced–were fractional details on the upcoming electric SUV from Tesla, the Model X and the more affordable, compact Model 3. The first Model X’s will ship “in two months,” and the model 3–“in just over two years”.

For all those 85kWh Model S owners, you have a new $3K battery pack to upgrade to. However, Elon suggests that existing owners may not need this upgrade, while new buyers should get it first.


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