Vivaldi, the chromium based browser which I recently got a chance to know in-depth, is releasing its fourth technical preview today. The newest Vivaldi gets more customisation, mouse gesture support and an experimental support for chrome extensions.

More Customizations

As I had highlighted and stressed earlier in my interview with Tatsuki too, Vivaldi’s massive customisation options make it a stand-out choice for a power-user. And Vivaldi’s team has strengthened that particular focus point, even further.

Select from one of four themes to change the UI from light gray to a dark charcoal. If vivaldi-quote-new-1the UI elements like the back or forward button (or our innovative forward and rewind buttons) are too large, you can adjust them in size.

As told by Tatsuki earlier, Vivaldi now allows you to place your tabs at any position on your screen — top, bottom, right or left. You can adjust the same as per your own convenience.

And just so you know the sheer amount of customisation options present in Vivaldi, the team claims that number to be 155 Million ! Yes, There are more than 155 million ways of customizing your Vivaldi web browser, and you can do it with just a few clicks.

Jon von Tetzchner, Former Opera CEO and current CEO at Vivaldi Technologies says,

We have a saying, “when in doubt, make it an option,” Some people fear choices. But your web browser is something you use throughout your day. Shouldn’t it look, feel and work the way you want it to?

Today browsers tend to restrict options and confine you to more pre-determined and ‘locked’ settings in the name of simplicity. They want to protect you from the ‘tyranny of choice’. But always telling people ‘We know what’s best for you,’ strikes me as another form of tyranny. When you choose Vivaldi, you take back the freedom of choice that other browsers want to restrict.

Mouse Gestures & Extensions Support


While there were already a few mouse gesture based shortcuts available in Vivaldi, the team has added a few more to that list. Mouse gestures allow you to execute common browser actions with a few flicks of your wrist. New mouse gestures in this release include gestures for tab switching and activating your keyboard. Users also have the option to start customizing mouse gestures through an intuitive interface.

For the time being, Vivaldi now comes embedded with an experimental support for certain Chrome extensions, most notably, Adblock+. So, users who have installed the AdBlock+ extension for Chrome will find that it works in Vivaldi.

Since this is still a technical preview, you can expect bigs and glitches while operating the browser. But thats pretty usual with a technical preview. Moreover, Vivaldi has built a sizeable feedback community, which has been giving large amount of feedback to developers. The browser though, already is pretty stable and fast for me, as compared to the others I use.


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