Too excited Microsoft ? Looks that way. If you’ve been following the Windows 10 build-release pattern this week, you would repeat those first three words of this post after me. After delivering two back-to-back builds (though there was just this wallpaper change) within 24 hrs., Microsoft has dropped in yet another build, numbered 10162.

However, if you are thinking there is some out-of-the-box major announcement coming out with this build, you’ll have to put your head down, turn around, and simply walk back to test Build 10159. There’s nothing new to this build, except for some, as MS puts it, “bug fixing and final polish”.

Do note though, don’t be too surprised if you see a “Faster fast ring” build deployment from Microsoft, considering that Windows 10’s public release date is approaching and developer at Microsoft are now working towards finishing touches on the builds.

Gabe Aul says,

So now we find ourselves in a great situation, with an abundance of build candidates. We’re deciding how long to let each build stay with Windows Insiders so you can really exercise them and send feedback on any problems that you’re hitting.

The last build, 10159, released less than 24 hrs. after its previous one, featured just one change — the official Windows 10 wallpaper and the official Logon UI for Windows 10.

Build 10162 should be almost immediately available for Fast Ring testers. As for those in Slow Ring, this is what Aul says,

We haven’t forgotten about Windows Insiders in the Slow ring either – we’re looking at Build 10162 as a candidate and unless we see any issues emerge in the Fast ring we’ll look to publish it to Slow (with ISOs) early next week.

Meanwhile, you can expect us to report less frequently on these build releases. Why the hell would we do that ? Well, there’s really not much to report. Stay assured though, you’ll get to hear any major build announcements from us, the usual way.


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