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An upcoming Gujarat based e-commerce startup,, secured a $1 million seed round from a group of angel Investors led by Mr.Gokul Jaykrishna & Brand Capital, a division of Bennett Coleman and Company Ltd. The company is  floated by Swadesh Essfil Pvt. Ltd. and will be launching soon.

Keeping in mind India’s already glutted e-commerce space, Gingercrush aims to provide consumers with a variety of products with a larger degree of user controlled customization at hand. Products the company will provide includes T-Shirts, Mugs, Mobile/Tablet Covers, Mouse pads, etc.

The still-under-works startup claims to have already forged partnerships with many big names for their content and already has a wide variety of branded licensed imagery from over 85 brands. Digital images will be provided to users to create customized products for themselves.

“Brand Licensing Industry in India is a large market and ripe for massive growth. Global Retail sales of licensed goods hit $241B in 2014. I decided to invest in Gingercrush due to its passionate, driven, focused and highly motivated team led by Rajvi & Saumya”, says Gokul Jaykrishna, Joint Managing Director of Asahi Songwon Ltd.

While principally working along the lines of numerous other customised products marketplace, GingerCrush aims to differentiate itself from others by offering users with more product tweaking options than others. More so, Gingercrush already has licenses to print digital images, making it a more reliable source for customised products.


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