Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has announced that it sold a whopping 34.7 million smartphones in the first half of 2015 itself. This implies there is a 33.33% growth rate in the sales figures, and this growth can only be expected to rise by the end of 2015.

A question might pop up in your mind as to how devices were shipped and how many sold, but Xiaomi has confirmed that it sells nearly all of the devices shipped.

According to the company’s CEO and founder, Lei Jun,

Even with the China smartphone market slowing down, we did a stellar job of posting a 33% growth on last year’s numbers. It can be said that we outperformed the market and produced an excellent report card.

Xiaomi did not divulge details on region wise sales, but it can be safely assumed that Chin  being its foothold, is the largest buyer of Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi is just a little shy of beating Apple in China’s smartphone race. The numbers are pretty good despite an industry slowdown thanks to it’s aggressive forays into emerging markets, specificially India and Brazil, where it entered just yesterday. So much for that, it has managed to displace once heavyweights like Samsung, completely off the grid in China.

The company has made in roads into the blooming wearables market as well, and is now the world’s second largest wearables maker, as per IDC estimates.

And when you talk about Xiaomi, you obviously have to talk about India. after all, the subcontinent is company’s second largest market after China. The company’s Indian story has been phenomenal to say the least, justified further by Ratan Tata’s investment in it. It’s products like Mi4i and Redmi Note series hit the sweet spot: pricing, and have been selling in staggering numbers, despite limited availability.

Xiaomi still hasn’t gone ahead with exploration into the US (although MI accessories are available in the US and UK), and there’s no telling how much the sales numbers will rise if it does so eventually. But considering US and Europe are Apple strongholds, don’t expect Xiaomi to enter those markets anytime soon.


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