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Windows 8.1 Finally Rises Past XP In PC Market Share

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Have Microsoft’s efforts on Windows 8 and 8.1 finally paid off ? Well, the statistics have finally started to indicate that. True, Windows 7 and XP have been favorites for quite some time, but things are looking brighter for Windows 8. Sadly, thats at a time, when Windows 10 is less than a month away from launch.

Nevertheless, nearly two years after it’s release, Windows 8.1 has finally brushed past XP in the Desktop platform share.

According to latest figures for June 2015 from research firm Net Applications, Windows 8.1 is now commanding 13.12% of the PC market, versus Windows XP which is now sitting at 11.95%. Interestingly enough there are still some users running on Windows 8 at 2.9%. As for Windows 7, it looks like it is still the champion as it is commanding a whopping 60.98% of the market.

In terms of relativity, Windows 8.1 rose from 12.88% share in May, whereas the 2001 dated XP slumped from 14.60% to 11.95%. A possible reason for this could be that Win XP users would not be able to upgrade to the much awaited Windows 10.

Windows 7’s gigantic share among its counterparts is completely normal as Microsoft, on the cue of Apple, has made Windows 10 update free for users of Windows 7 and 8. The Windows 10 technical preview has been up since October and is slated for a July 29 release. Currently, it holds a mere 0.16% share in the overall desktop market. It focuses on the desktop experience where improvements include a new Start menu, virtual desktops, improved security, and a variety of other features.

Technology behemoth Microsoft is betting big on Windows 10 as it continues to falter in the smartphone business. The Redmond-giant has been focussing a lot on its cross-platform strategy too, hinting at how it tends to modernise itself as a major software force.

Moreover, it has been dropping builds from time to time, pledging it is focused on hitting the right notes every time. The Windows 10 Mobile Build preview revealed major Cortana(it’s voice assistant app) and camera improvements. The OS has been making waves on the design front as well, the company recently unveiled the default wallpaper, made of light.


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