If you use Twitter on Android or iOS, you might have observed the addition of a new button right next to the “Edit profile” button, the account switcher and the Settings icon. It may, at first glance, look like a shortcut to Twitter analytics, but on clicking on this new command button, you will be taken to a window which will allow you to manage your Twitter ad campaigns which you can now manage on the go.

This new feature, while zealous and quite a thought, has not been received by users well though. Some Twitter users are calling it “desperate,” or “ugly.” We couldn’t agree more as the button is quite useless unless you have a running ad campaign. And only if you have an ad campaign will you be able to take full advantage of this feature. The feature also doesn’t go so far as to allow users to actually get started in building their first campaign from the app itself.

Twitter hasn’t yet officially announced this new feature, so it is, as of now, unclear as to how many people are actually seeing this new button on their smartphone apps. Both the Android as well as iOS apps were recently updated on their respective app store, however.

This obviously is an attempt by the social networking giant to increase its revenue. If the button sticks around in the near future, we will surely get newer and much more useful features and better methods at maintaining ad campaigns.

This is not the first time when Twitter has tried to get its users to appreciate its ad campaigning capabilities. We had seen earlier that the feature was included in the list that appeared when you entered the Settings tab.


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