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Devs Can Earn $5 For Each User They Refer Through Uber’s API Affiliate Program

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To promote its services, Uber recently announced that it will pay $5 to the developers for every U.S.-based user they sign up for Uber. This obviously has to be done via an API integration to their own apps. Just get a “Ride with Uber” button on your app after signing up for the affiliation and start earning your bit.

The announcement was made today through a blog post by Uber’s Nathan Lam. Developers can earn up to $5,000 after which they will have to join the formal Partners program to earn more. They will get paid once they reach the $250 landmark each time.

Signing up for this program will also get you a first ride up to $20 for free.

Here’s what Lam had to say about the new program:

Today we’re excited to announce the new Uber API Affiliate Program. Starting tomorrow, US based developers can earn $5 (USD) for every new US-based Uber user they refer.

Since the initial launch of our API in August, we’ve seen an overwhelming amount of apps integrate with Uber’s API. As we continue to grow, our team is always looking for new ways to support our developers. Whether we’re building new endpoints that enable richer experiences or creating new ways to help developers generate revenue, we will continue to raise the bar on how we best support the developer community.

Lam also says that in addition to the Cash Rewards that developers can earn, Uber will be featuring some of the highest performing apps on their showcase page. So that way your apps can get a great amount of publicity.

Considering the fact that Uber is facing an awful lot of competition from rival apps like Lyft, this move seems like a great advantage the company will have. Uber plans on increasing the reach of this project if it faces a fair amount of success in the US.


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