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Uber Has Acquired Part Of Bing Maps To Boost Its Mapping Tech

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Keeping aside rumours that it bidding in to purchase Noki’a HERE Maps (for now), Uber has announced that it will be buying a part of Bing’s Mapping assets, which would include taking up off approximately 100 Microsoft employees as well.

Under the deal, Microsoft will also be sharing a part of its operating expenses with the cab-haling startup. However, what is even more important is the fact that Microsoft will be sharing Bing’s Mapping tech with Uber. This is important since Uber almost completely relies on maps for its service to operate, and such a technology transfer might eventually result in Uber developing its indigenous mapping tech, ending dependence on third-party vendors for the same.

Both Uber and Microsoft have confirmed to TechCrunch that ‘assets’ will transfer, as well as the workers. The firms both declined to elaborate on what those assets are. However it is pretty clear what “assets” are on the deal table. Microsoft has a gargantuan collection of images under Bing Maps and it is obviously giving a “part” of it to Uber under the deal.

Nothing more on the deal is presently available. We have mailed both the companies for a response and will update this post once we receive any.


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